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3 Reasons Why Solar Installation Might Cause Your Roof To Leak
July 20, 2020 at 4:00 AM
3 Reasons Why Solar Installation Might Cause Your Roof To Leak

Solar panel installation in Connecticut can save homeowners hundreds of dollars a month on their energy bills. Like any other entity, solar panels can present distinct challenges for homeowners. When dealing with solar installation, there is always the looming threat of root damage and the inevitable leaking that comes with it. Installing solar panels does have the potential to put your home at risk for leakage, but if done correctly the threat is eliminated. For residents, there are a few things to consider when dealing with solar panel installation to ensure your home remains undamaged.

Poor workmanship.

Negligence is the common culprit for error and if your installation crew is inexperienced, unskilled, or careless you will risk damaging your roof. While improper installation is very fixable, it will still cost you more time and more capital to have repaired. It is important to look for a solar installer that carries extensive experience and is known for quality workmanship. The best way to discover the top installers in your area is to conduct a thorough search on the web and by looking at reviews. Try to compare a few different installers with each other before arriving at a decision.

A non-compatible roof.

Some roofs are not meant to have solar panels installed on them, and avoiding doing so can save homeowners boatloads of trouble. Certain types of shingles aren’t compatible and will react negatively to solar installation. If your roof is comprised of wood, clay, slate, or terracotta shingles, you’re likely to experience an issue after installation. We recommend that you consult a local solar installer before you approve the installation.

Old roof.

If your roof is over thirty years old and hasn’t been replaced or reshingled, installing solar panels is not recommended. Old roofs cannot bear the heavy burden that the solar panels will impose, and will most likely lead to leakage under the strain of weight. If you’re sold on using solar panels, it is critical that you consider getting your roof redone before you have the solar installer come.

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