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3 ways residential solar systems impact the environment
October 30, 2020 at 7:00 AM
3 ways residential solar systems impact the environment

Solar energy — sustainable, renewable energy derived from the sun — has long been toted by environmentalists for its benefits for the environment. But for a very long time, the technology was simply not affordable for many businesses and homeowners.

However, times are different now. Commercial and residential solar systems are now much more accessible to the average person, and the benefits these installations provide are hard to ignore.

If you plan on installing a residential solar system in CT, here are three ways your decision to go solar affects the environment.

1. Residential solar systems create considerably less global warming emissions

Although the manufacturing, processing, distribution, and installation of solar systems creates some greenhouse gas emissions, over time the generation of sustainable energy from these systems creates no global warming emissions.

Compare this to electricity derived from fossil fuels, which are responsible for a large portion of the global warming emissions created today.

Switching to solar energy, in turn, helps to improve the air quality in your area as less fossil fuels are burned to create electricity.

2. They don’t pollute or use up water resources

Coal mining and natural gas drilling, activities associated with nonrenewable energy sources, are notorious for polluting nearby bodies of water and drinking water sources. Meanwhile, fracking and thermal power plants use up large amounts of water in their operations as well.

However, this isn’t an issue you’ll encounter with residential solar systems, because solar energy doesn’t require any water to operate.

This means that your system won’t pollute or put a strain on your local water sources and water supply, giving other households and businesses access to the water they need.

3. They put less strain on the nonrenewable resources we have

As much as we’d like to avoid using them, it’s an indisputable fact that right now we still need nonrenewable energy resources like coal and natural gas. However, our dependency on them all but guarantees that we’ll run out of these resources in the foreseeable future if we don’t do something about it.

With solar energy and other renewable energy sources, you can. By weaning your home off of nonrenewable energy, you use less of it — saving these resources for years to come.

And if (and when) we do start to see our nonrenewable resources dwindling, you’re protected from its effects because you’ve already made the switch to a sustainable energy source.

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