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Connecticut Solar Installers Share Little-known Facts About SunPower Products
April 14, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Connecticut Solar Installers Share Little-known Facts About SunPower Products

We only install SunPower products at DMV Equity, Inc. There’s a reason for this.

While anyone looking for Connecticut solar installers will be able to find equipment from many other manufacturers, we stick to SunPower because their products are far and away the best and most capable.

As a SunPower-authorized dealer and installer, let us take this chance to share little-known but important facts about the solar industry’s reigning manufacturer.

You’re about to discover what our uncompromising use of SunPower technologies means for you, including class-leading performance, unmatched reliability, and great savings for many years to come.

1. They deliver more energy

When you switch to solar, your main concern is being able to continue meeting your home’s or business’ energy needs. Compared to anything else you find on the market today, SunPower systems do a vastly better job at this.

Take the SunPower Maxeon, for example, which is also the world’s first 400-watt home solar panel. Right from the point of installation, going with the industry’s top manufacturer means you get the best available performance.

And you can count on that performance, and all the savings it brings as you reduce your reliance on the public grid, continuing for many years to come. As we cover next, SunPower systems are also recognized for their outstanding durability.

2. They are durable

SunPower systems last. Where other solar equipment starts losing efficiency over time because of corrosion and breakage, SunPower systems are built with protection from these factors.

Such innovation is to be expected from a manufacturer that has supplied over 35 million solar panels since 1985 and invested heavily in cutting-edge solar energy research and development.

But what’s more reassuring is that, as a customer, you’re welcome to hold SunPower accountable for their promise of durability long into your system’s life.

When you decide to get SunPower equipment from Connecticut solar installers, your system will come with a 25-year warranty. This is unheard of in the industry. But it shows you one thing: that a SunPower system is a manufacturer-backed investment into your home’s or business’ long-term energy needs.

At the end of 25 years, we expect that your SunPower system will have experienced a gradual DC power decline of about 8%. The industry standard is 19.3%.

3. They are truly environmentally friendly

In addition to the large savings that come from switching to solar, you’re also concerned about making as little a negative impact on the environment as possible. Solar energy in general is an effective step in this direction, but much more so with SunPower.

Consider, for instance, that the SunPower Maxeon is the only solar panel in the world to be Cradle to Cradle Certified®. This means that the processes that go into building the panel and the very long time you’ll enjoy receiving energy from it — have been proven to have an exceptionally minimal impact on the environment.

If sustainability is now a major priority for your home or business, this is the kind of performance that can help you change to a greener way of doing things.

Achieve savings, eco-friendliness, and all the energy you need with Connecticut solar installers

Switching to solar is always the right move, but you can get plenty more out of this worthwhile decision with the right equipment and the right installers. The right equipment, as you now realize, are products from SunPower. And the right installer, with years of experience and authentic licensing, is DMV Equity, Inc.

In addition to providing roof and ground-mount solar installations in Connecticut, we also serve New York and New Jersey.

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