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5 Ways to Save with Residential Solar Power in Connecticut
November 25, 2020 at 10:30 PM
<strong>5 Ways to Save with Residential Solar Power in Connecticut</strong>

Green energy is the future. Not only is it cleaner and better for the environment, but it’s also more affordable. You can help save the planet and save money at the same time. Maybe you’ve seen solar panels on your neighbors’ roofs and are wondering if solar energy is right for your home. Or, you’ve been considering making the switch to solar but worry about the expense and whether the savings are worth the investment. Keep reading to find out about solar energy savings.

Savings start with SunPower.

SunPower technology is among the most advanced in the solar field. They lead the industry in design and innovation. That means as a residential customer; you can trust their 30+ years of experience to guarantee you years of value from your solar investment. When you use SunPower, you’ll get:

  • The highest wattage and panel efficiency available.
  • Over 40 years expected lifespan (longer than some roofs).
  • Reliability from durable materials and a solid metal frame.
  • Proprietary InvisiMount system blends into myriad architectural styles.

With SunPower solar panels, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for green energy. After installation, you may even forget they’re on the roof until you experience these five ways to save with residential solar power in Connecticut.

Savings #1: Tax exemptions for renewable energy.

States across the country are encouraging residents to adopt solar energy with tax incentives. In Connecticut, you don’t have to pay taxes when you purchase a solar energy system for your home. You’re also exempt from increased taxes on the property for the added value of the solar panels.

Savings #2: Your electricity bill.

On average, the 19,000 residents of Connecticut currently using solar energy save $1,100 a year on their utility bills. As energy costs continue to rise in the United States, annual savings will increase. Nationwide, the 20-year savings range from $20 to $60 thousand. Savings vary based on the cost of energy and the amount of yearly sun in the state.

Savings #3: The Energy Conservation Loan.

Connecticut understands most residents don’t have the capital for the expense and installation of a new solar energy system. That’s why the state provides the Energy Conservation Loan for residential solar power in Connecticut. Homeowners can borrow up to $25,000 for ten years with interest rates between 0 and 6 percent.

Savings #4: Instant solar rebate programs.

The Connecticut Green Bank is part of the state’s strategy to increase statewide adoption of green energy. Installing residential solar power in Connecticut is part of that plan. The bank offers residents $0.46 per watt up to 10kW on their new solar system. For the 6.2kW SunPower Panels, you get an instant rebate of $2,870.60.

Savings #5: The federal solar tax credit.

The federal government created the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) to help citizens cope with the rising cost of energy nationwide. It encourages families to incorporate solar into their home’s energy plan. The ITC allows you to claim 26% of the cost of your new solar panel system on your federal taxes. The credit only applies to systems bought outright, but provides for the use of a conservation loan program for the purchase.

Schedule a DMV Equity, Inc. consultation today to learn how these savings can benefit you.

We’re authorized SunPower dealers and installers proudly providing residential properties in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut with solar energy. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to reduce your carbon footprint, save some money on your utilities, or both. Our customer service experts will take the time to explain all your solar options, and find the best system for your budget and your home.

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