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Going Solar in the City of Stamford
March 13, 2022 at 6:30 PM
by DMV Equity, Inc.
Going Solar in the City of Stamford

In the current times, sustainability is one of the primary focuses of not only industries and

companies, but also homes and residential users. Energy consumers across the globe are

adapting to, as well as adopting renewable ways of energy consummation and generation. The

city of Stamford, Connecticut, is known to have joined the league of one the leading energy-

efficient cities in Connecticut. We at DMV Equity, Inc. specialize in solar energy with our

innovative SunPower technology, want to join hands with Stamford’s cities energy

management proficiency. We can offer authorized installations of SunPower photovoltaic

systems, for both our residential and commercial users in the city.

As it is known that solar power not only helps with sustainable energy consumption but also

facilitates efficient energy generation. Our aim at DMV Equity, Inc. is to maximize sustainable

energy consumption and generation in Stamford. Through our Residential solar installers,

residential energy consumers can become sustainable users, by going green and also saving

those extra dollars by switching from the conventional ways of using energy. Residential solar

panels are available for large and small properties and fit your needs in terms of costs, size, and

convenience. Our commercial solar installations are the perfect companions for companies that

are looking for ways to become sustainable and green. There are Eversource utility subsidies

and incentives along with the 26% federal tax credit, which is a beneficial long-term deal. Our

aspirations of saving the environment and managing energy is an initiative to join hands with

the global energy management process, with a dream for a better and safe future.