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Powering Up Greenwich with Solar Energy
March 27, 2022 at 6:30 PM
by DMV Equity, Inc.
Powering Up Greenwich with Solar Energy

Tapping Solar Energy for Homes

Solar energy is the future of renewable sources of energy, which is getting popular not only with commercial users but also with homeowners. The growing concern towards climate change and energy consumption has created a surge of demand with residential users across the globe. Switching to solar power enables residential users to lower their electricity bills, apart from offering them a chance to contribute towards our planet Earth, by being sustainable energy consumers. Greenwich is associated with a government-backed project, Solarize Greenwich, which offers homeowners of the city to reduce their electricity bills. We at DMV Equity, Inc. share the same goal of making the residential energy consumers of Greenwich convert into solar energy consumers. Our company installs SunPower technology exclusively, through which we claim to infuse innovation in solar energy to make green living a possibility for our residential customers.

We offer Specialized Commercial Solar Installers

Commercial and industrial users are a boon to our economy as well as for our communities. Since commercial users operate on a large scale, they also tend to consume energy accordingly. At DMV Equity, Inc. our vision is to offer commercial, industrial and residential users to maximize their sustainability by using our company to install their SunPower PV system. There are multiple benefits of installing our Solar Panels for commercial users, starting from State and Federal benefits in tax rebates, simplified paybacks up to 6-8 years as well as a 5-year 100% Bonus Depreciation system. With our Solar Installers, commercial users can use power even in off-grid or remote locations.