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Will Installing Residential Solar Panels Hurt My Chances of Selling My NY Home?
August 13, 2020 at 7:00 AM
Will Installing Residential Solar Panels Hurt My Chances of Selling My NY Home?

Like all modifications to our homes, we wonder if there could be any negative impacts included with these changes. The same applies to many of us who are considering residential solar panels on our New York homes. And while there’s good reason to always be somewhat skeptical of relatively new technologies that bring with them such drastic changes to our lives, solar panel installation is one area that adds value to your home.

But why is that? There are a few reasons solar panels add not only financial value, but structural integrity as well. Let’s get into why installing solar panels is an excellent idea for homeowners looking to save thousands on their utility bills while increasing their home’s value.

Solar Panels Add Value to Your Home

When we make massive upgrades to our homes, we can virtually always assume that these updates will add value, however modest or drastic. The same is true for residential solar installation. The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory reported that, on average, solar panels increased a home’s value by $14,329. These homes sell for about 3.74% more than similar homes that do not include solar systems.

Energy That Pays for Itself

One of the most common questions we get from homeowners is the cost of installation in relation to savings. The truth is that each solar installation project is different and your needs will vary from those of our most recent customer. We’re happy to schedule a virtual consultation with you to give you a clearer idea of what you can expect when you have solar panels installed.

During your consultation, we’ll need to learn more about:

  • The age of your roof
  • Type of shingles
  • Solar access
  • Monthly electric usage
  • Contact information for follow up virtual consultation and proposal

Whatever your initial investment, solar panels overtime pay for themselves through energy savings. Most solar panel customers see a return roughly two to three times the initial investment cost over their system’s lifetime.

If you decide to sell your home before you have seen a return on your investment, you can reasonably expect that the value the solar panels added to your home will be reflected in your home’s selling price.

Quality Matters

With solar panels’ rise in popularity comes many options for solar energy systems—but not all of them offer the same quality. Some solar panels may be a great deal cheaper than some industry-leading brands, but their quality is likely reflected in the lower price.

However, you can rest assured that when you turn to DMV Equity, Inc. for your residential solar installation, your home will receive only top-tier components. We pride ourselves in offering only the best and latest solar energy technologies—no expectations.

The same high-quality technologies are available no matter the size of your home. We’ve helped New York homeowners with smaller homes install modest systems, as well as those whose homes require significantly larger panels lower their utility bills and live greener, cleaner lives.

Save Money and Increase Your Home’s Value with DMV Equity, Inc.

No matter your energy needs, residential solar panels reduce your utility costs and add value to your New York home. If you’re ready to learn more about how you can benefit from residential solar installation, reach out to us today.